Triova Rewards

Triova Rewards for Education

A reward program designed for compounding pharmacies to receive education for purchases they already make. 

How it works

Customers receive one (1) reward point for every $100 purchases for products you already use. Rewards can be used at any Triova educational event or for any ACA (American College of Apothecaries) training class or webinar. Customers are automatically enrolled, there is nothing you need to do further to start collecting reward points.

If you are interested in using Triova Rewards for Education that you have earned, contact your Triova sales representative or call (539) 777-0720. You will receive a discount code to register for educational events.


It’s free for products you already purchase.

Receive 1 reward point for $100 in purchases.

Use rewards toward Triova educational events or at ACA (American College of Apothecaries) training classes.

No need to enroll.

Your points never expire.

For more information call (539) 777-0720