True Q System


At Triova, quality is the most crucial factor when dealing with the sourcing and testing of each pharmaceutical ingredient. As an FDA registered facility, we adhere to robust and strict guidelines of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Our commitment and passion for providing the highest grade and purest quality compounding ingredients is the cornerstone of our business. Triova employs a process known as the “True Q” system and it’s just one of the many ways we ensure and deliver our promise of quality products with trustworthy data. All pharmaceutical ingredients are vigorously inspected by our in-house quality team and then outsourced to one of our 3rd party analytical laboratories to ensure and verify each ingredient, and every lot, meets or exceeds our True Q standard.

True Q Highlights

Leadership Team with over 20 years of experience in an FDA registered/GMP environment and quality system.

  • This team has completed 2 full FDA audits, 6 Board of Pharmacy audits, 4 DEA audits.
    • Results: No observations, or deficiencies
  • Every API is sourced from an FDA registered facility and evaluated to meet the standard of True Q.
  • Each API is screened and tested against the most current version of its monograph (USP/NF/BP/EP/ JP or other specification).
  • Each lot is quarantined and subjected to a rigorous and comprehensive in-house identification analysis before release.
  • Once the in-house analysis is approved, chemicals are sent to an independent analytical laboratory for further purity verification.
  • All products are shipped with a lot specific Certificate of Analysis (CoA), which are also available online and upon request.
  • SDS are updated and kept on site at Triova and available online or by request.

Highest Quality Ingredients


While you are busy running your pharmacy, one of the last things you need to worry about is whether your supplier is providing you with the highest quality ingredients available. We understand this so we take a very detailed approach to making sure you receive those quality ingredients.

Quality Policy:

Triova Pharmaceuticals is an emerging industry leader that is known for maintaining a level of product quality that ensures the safety, efficacy, and the reliability of its pharmaceutical products. Staffed by a team of skilled professionals with over 26 years of combined healthcare experience, Triova is committed and capable of continuous improvement to provide quality products and services to our customers. Our facility adheres to the strictest cGMP standards. Triova is FDA registered and is licensed by the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy.

I have worked with this crew for years. You can’t beat the service and knowledge that they offer…


-Keri S. – Nashville, TN

Vendor Screening Process

Because quality is the cornerstone of Triova, we have developed a vendor qualification process that is second to none to ensure you are getting the highest quality products available. The qualification system starts with a full vetting of the vendor and their documents. This includes, but is not limited to the following: On-site audits, proof of FDA registration, Certificate of Analysis, Testing results, etc. Once approved, the purchasing team works to get your products into our facility as soon as possible.

Product Testing

At Triova, we strive to not only meet, but exceed our customer’s expectations. Every pharmaceutical product received at Triova undergoes a full in-house inspection to ensure its identity. A sample is then sent to an independent 3rd party analytical testing lab for a full compendial to ensure the products’ potency, efficacy and purity. We have developed this meticulous testing process to provide the highest “Standard of Quality”.

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