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Perl™ Vaginal Dosing Kit w/ Snap-on Applicator


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If you love Topi-CLICK® – you’ll love the PERL™ (Precise Easy Reliable Loading), it is widely recognized as the most accurate and consistent topical dosing platform available for transdermal medications. For PERL™, DoseLogix has designed a new elegant hinged shell cap with a Snap-on Applicator Port. This new proprietary snap-on dosing system offers convenience, accuracy, consistency and produces significantly less residual than the traditional tube and applicator.

Made with medical grade, FDA approved polymer, the PERL™ Snap-on Applicator provides a clear, comfortable and flexible barrel for the finest vaginal dosing experience available. Includes Topi-Click® 35, hinged lid with applicator port and Snap-On Applicator.

Dispenser Volume: up to 37 ml
Delivery Volume: 5 – 30 ml
Dispense/CLICK: 0.25 ml


Sold as individually as a Pack of 25 or as a Case of 250 (10 Packs), for your convenience.



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Pack (25), Case (250)

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