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Topi-CLICK® 140 (BLUE)


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The NEW Topi-CLICK® 140 is an intelligently designed dosing device that overcomes the various limitations associated with pumps, syringes, tubes, tubs, and jars- perfect for transdermal creams! Topi-CLICK brand metered dosing applicators make it easy to accurately measure the dose and apply topical medications to the intended area, thereby decreasing the risk of improper dosing and hand cross-contamination while improving compliance and outcomes of therapy. The Topi-CLICK® 140 offers the same great dosing benefits as the Topi-CLICK® 35, but with 4X the volume at 140 mL.


Sold individually as a Pack of 10 or as a Case of 100 (10 Packs), for your convenience.

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Pack (10), Case (100)

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