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Techna Natural SF Troche Base with Bitter-Bloc Technology, Sweet and Unsweetened


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Techna Natural SF™ is our proprietary anhydrous troche base formula made with only natural ingredients, predominantly a vegetable origin triglycerides blend. Techna Natural SF™ is sugar-free and naturally sweetened with our TruClear Stevia Plus™, has a soft mouth-feel and includes natural suspending agents as well as our proprietary Bitter-Bloc Technology that is excellent in blocking bitter and metallic off-notes from numerous compounds such as progesterone at the oral receptor sites.

Techna Natural SF Troche Base has a smooth off-white surface finish is ready for the addition of actives and preferred flavors.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Anhydrous (extended beyond-use dating)
  • Great taste / smooth mouth feel
  • Naturally sweetened
  • Gluten-free
  • Good friability properties
  • Kosher / non-GMO / vegan compliant
  • Oil soluble flavors ready
  • Ideal melting temp range 40-45ºC
  • Classified GRAS status ingredients

**During summer months, it is recommended to ship troche bases expedited due to the melting temperature of the product.

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Sweet, Unsweetened

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