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SuspendRX Anhydrous Oral Suspension Base with Bitter-Bloc Technology, Sweetened and Unsweetened


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SuspendRx™ Anhydrous oral suspension vehicle allows for easy compounding of lipophilic, water-unstable APIs, or where aqueous stability of a drug in suspension is unknown.  Our formulation is a natural plant-based suspension vehicle with mild to no taste or smell with an elegant white opaque appearance. This vehicle utilizes triglycerides that are resistant to oxidation and are naturally preservative-free.  SuspendRx™ Anhydrous gives pharmacists the convenience of a universal anhydrous suspension vehicle (Aw ≤ 0.6) with excellent suspending properties and stability profile including 180-day beyond-use dating (BUD) per USP.

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500 ml, 4L


Sweet, Unsweet

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