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SmartPopps™ Lollipop Mold (24 Pack)


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enable pharmacists to compound and dispense lollipops in a quick, easy to use, child resistant system.

Prescription Lollipops For Professionally Compounded Lollipops

  • Certified Child Resistant
  • Easier and Faster
  • Less Overall Unit Cost
  • Less Compliance Risk
  • Less Liability Risk

Eliminated Cross-Contamination Patent Pending Design

  • Child Resistant: 16 CFR 1700 and ISO 8317 compliant
  • Average of 95% faster than with traditional aluminum molds
  • 5 minutes per 30 SmartPopps™ units vs. 2 hrs using traditional aluminum molds
  • Elongated lollipop shape designed for buccal cavity and mouth comfort
  • Cavity volume is approximately 5.5 ml (includes subtraction of stick displacement volume)
  • No cleaning or cross-contamination issues as with reusable or aluminum molds
  • No wrapping or customized prescription vials
  • Meets USP light transmission requirements
  • Made from BPA free and FDA compliant polymer
  • Average of 7.5g of Sorbitol Base per cavity
  • Recyclable
  • Low initial investment
  • Reclosable
  • Quicker cooling time
  • Proprietary FDA approved, heat resistant polymer to over 200ºC
  • Compound Individual or multiple units
  • Sticks and caps included
  • 30 count holder sold as accessory.

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