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Poly BlendRx Suppository Base (Granular Form) Water Soluble


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PolyBlend Rx is an anhydrous granular form pharmaceutical base used in the preparation of suppositories when a water-soluble or water-miscible base is preferred. PolyBlend Rx consists of varying molecular weight polyethylene glycols with improved emulsifiers and mold release characteristics. Due to the specific polyethylene glycols used in this proprietary blend, PolyBlend Rx exhibits excellent stability at room temperature.

PolyBlend Rx releases active pharmaceutical ingredients by dissolving rather than melting, providing an extended disintegration time. Recommended for vaginal and rectal suppositories with a long history of use in pharmaceutical applications worldwide. Includes added emulsifying properties that help with dispersibility and bioavailability of hydrophobic actives. Mold lubrication not required. Ingredients meet the requirements of USP-NF.

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