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Nextol SF™ Hard Candy Base w/Bitter-Bloc Technology, Unflavored


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Convenient, consistent, sweet-tasting and ready to use proprietary sorbitol blended hard candy base that is ready for the addition of actives that require a lower working temperature ( 60°C ). Nextol SF is a sugar-free, easy to compound hard candy base with excellent mold release properties that includes our natural bitterness blocking technology to block bitter notes found in many APIs. Nextol SF has a finished cavity calibration weight of 7.70g / SmartPopps lollipop (study available upon request).This base was formulated to have a distinct mouth-feel texture, gradual set time, low working temperature when adding temperature sensitive active(s), good mold release properties when used with our SmartPopps child-resistant lollipop system, good suspending properties with slightly clear/opaque appearance. Nextol SF is a formulated sorbitol candy base blend- Great for making lollipops or hard lozenges in a free-flowing powder form. Required hard product set time is roughly 8 hours at room temperature. Tech Sheet Available.

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