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YPO Members and Event Attendees



Triova Pharmaceuticals would like to thank all the attendees of YPO’s COVID-19 Virtual Trade Show for your time and efforts. Please don’t forget to use the provided discount code provided to receive the trade show discount on the CareStart test kits.


COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has made an impact on the lives of everyone. Through these trying times, Triova has stood strong in providing the necessary tools to help combat the virus and to keep front line workers safe.



How are we Protecting United States businesses and their employees?


Common Issues

  • United States businesses are closing by the hundreds every day and are simply not able to keep their companies staffed appropriately.
  • Employee safety measures have fallen out of control of the business owners and the individual employees are still being paid for 2 weeks off upon a positive test result.
  • Remote employment is limiting the power of the team-based company culture.



Our Solution

  • Bring COVID-19 rapid-result nasal-swab testing into the workplace and stay in control of staffing and employment safety.
  • Triova provides physician supported testing protocol and follow up support for employees that test positive.
  • Triova will help you save on testing expenses and eliminate time spent not in the workplace by your employees.



We strive to offer the most useful tools and products we can acquire to help your staff and customers stay as safe as possible that is why we are excited to announce we have CareStart rapid COVID-19 tests kits available. Available to our customers are Antigen and Antibody tests with report times as quick as 10 minutes.


To buy these kits now, click here to place your order.



For the most up to date information on COVID-19 please visit the CDC Coronavirus Disease:


Triova offers a variety of personal protective equipment (PPE) that are useful to front line workers, businesses, schools and healthcare systems. The items include:


Our efforts to source and acquire these PPE items have been invaluable to our customers, their employees and their customers.


For additional rapid test kit information: click the link below to download the instructions on how to properly administer the COVID-19 rapid test.


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