Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine commonly utilizes compounded medications for managing injuries and pain. Sports trainers and physicians have found that compounded medications are far superior to commercial medications, as they can be customized based on their dosage, method of administration, the number of active ingredients, absorption, and more. Sports medicine is one field that is constantly testing the effectiveness of different sports medicine treatments to reduce downtime as much as possible.

Compounded anti-inflammatory drugs can be administered topically through specialized gels and creams created at compounding pharmacies. Sports medicine physicians can control the dosage of a gel or cream specifically for their patient’s needs. Treatments can be created for cramps, chronic pain, strains or muscle aches, and other sports injuries.

The challenge for athletes, and just people in general, is that everyone is different and has their own requirements to consider such as allergies, tolerance for different medications, preferred methods of administration, age, weight, injury level, and many others. Compounding drugs makes it easier to treat everyone’s needs case by case.

Compounding pharmacies allow sports medicine physician and trainers to develop customized treatments for their athletes, based on their unique needs. Athletes at every level can benefit from compounded treatments because they are customized for them.

New treatments are always being developed in sports medicine to help athletes stay at the top of their game.

Triova knows that pharmaceutical compounding is the creation of drugs to meet the unique needs of an individual patient when commercial drugs do not meet their needs. Available commercial drugs are created for everyone so in other words they are not individualized.

A compounding pharmacy is a pharmacy that primarily focuses on a smaller portion of patients.

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