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These people stayed late to get progesterone shipped out that evening so I would have it for my HRT patient first thing in the morning! Great guys!


-Bob A. – Oklahoma City, OK


  • Pharmaceutical compounding is a process that continues to grow in popularity throughout the healthcare industry. More than ever, providers are recognizing the value of compounded medications in applications such as pain management, hormone replacement therapy, and wound and scar treatment. The patient-specific development of supplements,......

  • Ask your Representatives to Sign Rep. Stewart/Carter Letter to FDA.   For more information please visit, IACP....

  • Triova is committed to increasing awareness of the benefits of compounding and protecting patient access to compounded medications. December 29, 2016, the FDA released their final Guidance for Industry (GFI) under section 503A. This guidance prohibits office-use compounding, which is contradictory to the 2013 Drug......

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Our mission is to promote the growth and prosperity of the compounding industry by supporting and enriching the independent compounding pharmacies through unparalleled products, services and education. We offer exceptional service by putting our customers and employees first.